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Master Plan

Sandstone presents a unique opportunity to create a new comprehensively planned yet diverse and unique development that provides for a wide range of land uses. At 726 acres in size, Sandstone will become a gateway for the south side of Nanaimo, with a major focus on providing new economic and business growth through the creation of a substantial new industrial and employment node, while also offering additional commercial, retail and residential opportunities. If you’re interested in staying up to date on this exciting new development, be sure to Register Here.

Sandstone Project Map

Located at the southern boundary of the City of Nanaimo, the expansive 726-acres of land that make up Sandstone will become a new gateway for south Nanaimo, forging important links with the city, the region, Nanaimo’s airport and the Duke Point Ferry Terminal. Providing a diverse range of new land uses opportunities including industrial, commercial, retail and residential, you won’t need to go far to find just what you’re looking for.